We play our matches at one venue, The Regent Club, located on Regent Road, Leicester. See map for details. Matches are played on Thursday evenings  from mid September to May time, between about 8 PM and 10 PM. If you’re interested in quizzing, feel free to come along and test the waters, or drop a line to one of the following: Secretary: liz.hawes(at)leicesterquizleague.org Inquisitor : george.robinson(at)leicesterquizleague.org Mobile:07870997736 Treasurer colin.richards(at)leicesterquizleague.org Mobile:07884087546 Treasurer george.robinson(at)leicesterquizleague.org Mobile:07870997736 Website: rob.watts(at)leicesterquizleague.org Mobile:07462094695
If you can’t make Thursdays, why not try a Tuesday night quiz instead? Click on the owl, it’s a hoot!