Season 2017-2018
Team K.O.
First Round
1. Attilla vs Vikings 14-30
2. Weeping Camel vs Working Title 14-30
3. L.B.S. v T. Spiders 26-24
4. Phoenix vs Barflys 28-16
Vikings v Working Title - close game but Vikings pulled ahead on the buzzer to win 40-32
L.B.S. v Phoenix -a repeat of Semi 1 L.B.S. winning on 34-26

The Final saw the two oldest teams in the League meet in a in a series of games dating back to 1977.
Vikings v L.B.S. - Vikings pulled ahead and with a fairly even last round triumphed with 38 - 28 to retain the title.
The seasons awards were presented.
League - Champions - Vikings, Runners-Up - Workinng Title, Wooden Spoon - Weeping Camel.
Individual - Liz (first ever female champion.)
Pairs - JohnF & Colin (retained the title)

The two awards which are awarded by agreement of the Q/M's :-
Clanger of the Year - The answer given being so far from being right it causes spontaneous hilarity in the audience - went to Chris of Attilla for his new species of Giraffe - the Armadillo - however there is an answer (Too Late to be nominated) being carried forward to next season. Barbara Cartland was never Minister for Transport :)

Player(s) of the Year - this year AlanC and L.B.S., of all the teams in the League the most weather affected and mucked about team by football etc. they went along with all the re-arrangements without complaints. In addition to setting and presnting extra games when asked.

Thank You to everyone who has contributed in any way towards a very challenging season.

2018/19 Season.
Please let us know ASAP if your team will be entering again next season and also any name changes you are adopting.

FINALLY A PLEA - Please have a search for any of the League Trophies (They've gone missing!)