Season 2018-2019

Now half way through the season, we nearly got all the games played!
On the points raised it's fair to say by a significant majority
1) 3 subject choice is accepted.
2) Theming League games is not accepted.
These rules will apply for the rest of the season.

This week we are holding our christmas quiz. Players do not need to be League members or Club Members, they will be our guests for the night. If you are attending then we would like you to set 10 questions.

Thank you to everyone for getting the games played so far, we don't know how the weather and football fixtures will cock it up in the new year.

Knockout Draw

1 Atilla vs T. Spiders
2 Camel vs Phoenix
3 LBS vs BarFlys
4 Vikings vs Working Title

FINALLY A PLEA - Please have a search for any of the League Trophies (They've gone missing!) John especially want's to find his trophy it's a Mahogany Plaque with a Brass Question Mark