Season 2018-2019
Well last nights results mean that Trapdoor Spiders need to score a maximum of 14 points to over take the Vikings (Current score) so they only need 1 point from 4 games to retatin their title!
Approaching the Easter Break and there are no outstanding games to be played in the spare week -
OK we cocked the weeks up - Easter Starts next week!
Do any teams want us to organise a Team Table quiz to fill the gap?

Individual and Pairs KO
Players who qualified are:-
INDIVIDUAL - JohnD, George, Steve, ColinH

PAIRS - George/Dave, ColinH/James, Liz/Steve, Chris/ColinR, Robbie/JohnH

Knockout Cup
So Far we have , TV and Latin Animals - please let me (JohnF) what your choice is?

FINALLY A PLEA - Please have a search for any of the League Trophies (They've gone missing!) John especially want's to find his trophy it's a Mahogany Plaque with a Brass Question Mark