Season 2018-2019

It's that time of the year again for a reminder on the ADVERSE WEATHER RULE - please don't attempt to travel if due to the white stuff / high winds etc. if it's unsafe to do so or it's possible you could be stranded if public transport is suspended.

Latest scores are subject to a protest investigation. Both teams gave equally valid correct answers.

Individual and Pairs KO Qualifying rounds on 28/2/19 and 7/3/19
Players may play on either night or on both nights (best performance to count).
Format is a table quiz - so please come along - we will attempt to form pairs from any solo players on the night to allow to to register a score.

Knockout Cup
Full details of the format will be given to each team in due course.

FINALLY A PLEA - Please have a search for any of the League Trophies (They've gone missing!) John especially want's to find his trophy it's a Mahogany Plaque with a Brass Question Mark (Update - The Clanger has been located and will be awarded! a couple of contenders are already noted BUT the decision isn't made until all games have been played)